Pure-blooded RPG.

Inspired by classics of the genre. Game experience, fun & community always comes first. No P2W allowed.

Unmatched mechanics.

Expanding game world full of different arcade gaming events & quests designed to never get repetitive.

Web3, done right.

Solana blockchain features done right and in the background, without forcing players to learn about them - ever.

Community curated.

Members of Guardians Of Kyoudai DAO are voting on how the game world will shape up and what events will happen.

Join the Kyoudai Family


The Kyoudai Spirits

The 3333 spirits that inhabits the World Of Kyoudai. This is your gameplay character. These NFTs will store your gameplay save-state and it's only up to you how your character will shape up in the future.

The Guardians Of Kyoudai

Become the member of Guardians of Kyoudai DAO by owning one of 888 hand-drawn NFTs. Guardians are the "Game masters", observing the world, voting on the game rules and choosing the in-game events. The future of Kyoudai is in the hands of the players.

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